Compression Leggings
Compression Leggings
Compression Leggings

Compression Leggings

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One of the things that you want to do is make sure you have the right type of clothing when you work out. That’s why our Sleek and Stylish Compression Leggings are so popular. These comfortable leggings are great for running, doing yoga or working out.

These leggings give you plenty of freedom to move around. That’s why they are perfect not just for yoga, but for cycling, doing tai chi or any types of exercise, like running or jogging. So many opportunities to wear them! You might want to get more than one pair of leggings to have a backup pair.

Item Type:
Full Length
Sports Type:
Yoga, Gym, Exercise, Workout or Making a Sweat Somehow
Brand Name:  Thrivast
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Cotton, Polyester, Knit, Breathable

Fit: True Fit 
M, L, XL